Entering new house can be a headache because the cost. But u can save a bit by doing some easy thing by yourself

  1. If you buy sub-sale property, the house might need re paint. its the easiest job . Just buy paint, ladder, brush, glove and here you go. u will save a lot in term of painting labor. unless you cant reach ceiling( in case ceiling too high) or paint external for 2nd storey house and more. Just hire painter to do the job you cant do.
  2. Change tap . Another easy job, just need spanar pipe and pipe tape. Rotate left rotate right and you done.
  3. Laminate floor using vinyl. If the room just only cement, you can install this type of vinyl floor. A lot of design with variety price at the market now. With sticker or without sticker(need to buy glue separately) .You can save a lot compare to install tiles. You even can do with close eyes
  4. Clean the house yourself. Swiping , mopping, swiping again, its tiring but worth it.
  5. Change the bulb. Another easy job. Just need the ladder. And the bulb


But if you have no budget constraint, just hire people to do all this job.  You can focus on other thing.


DIY How To Save Cost After Renovation Or Before Entering New House.
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