nah, this is my little helper. small but helping me a lot to clean dust in every single inch my hall. Ladies and gentleman, please met,  Evatronic KK8 Robot Vacuum with Virtual Wall

With size quite thin, around 75mm height, it can crawl under furniture to do cleaning. And there are also a lots of other function as well


  • LED touch Screen ‘and one touch key to clean, easy operation
  • Auto slow down when detecting front obstacles
  • Ultra-thin body (75mm)
  • low noise
  • Auto charging
  • Multi-functional remote control
  • Mopping function
  • Daily scheduling function:you can pre-set to let the robot clean the house according to your schedule,even when you are not at home
  • 4 intelligent clean mode:auto cleaning mode, spot ‘ cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, scheduling cleaning mode
  • Intelligent dust detection and spot cleaning: when vaccun cleaner found a lot of dust, it can change cleaning mode automatically and improve the cleaning efficiency.
  • HEPA&primary filters
  • Front anti-collision and anti-drop sensitive sensors
  • Two strong side brushes ‘make cleaning more efficiently and thoroughly
  • 1500mAh battery, ‘charging 4 hours, work 90 minutes
  • clean woodiness floor,artificial plastic floor, waterproof carpet, ceramic tile, undercoat carpet
evatronic vacuum


dicking station charger
charging docking station


evatronic virtual wall


evatronic remote control


evatronic kk8 super thin


1. Keroro doing random cleaning at the hall


2. Keroro doing edge and wall cleaning


3. Keroro back to charging station when battery is low


coming soon, few more Keroro doing job. stay tuned!!
Evatronic KK8 Robot Vacuum
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