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Queenstown in daylight is full of people. Hoping from one shop to another. Town sightseeing and buying some souvenir to bring back home is recommended here. With lots of shops, goods variety and cheaper price no wonder it’s called tourist town. Then we go to PakNSave to buy chocolate and some dry food for our next trip. Lots of local chocolate are selling here. You wont regret once you come here.

PaknSave Market

On the way back from PaknSave, we stop at beautiful Lake Wakatipu for sightseeing. The weather is nice, the sun is bright so the lake.

Lake Wakatipu

On afternoon, we attend graduation day at Queenstown Memorial Centre which the main reason coming to this beautiful land. After everything finish, we straight to Te Anau and Miflord Sound on the next day

Queenstown Memorial Centre Building


Freezing Te Anau and Magnificient Milford Sound

Arrived at Te Anau at night and straight to our accommodation at Te Anau Lakeview Kiwi Holiday Park & Motels . Again, temperature so cold. Maybe  next to lake too plus winter. Lucky we bring packing food, have dinner and sleep. The room is good, with shared toilet with next room and heater is functioning well to give enough warm to us. Kitchen is on another block which require  a little walk but since we pack our food earlier so it doesn’t require us walking in the freezing night.

Te Anau Lake View room

Its  -30 in the morning. Our car are frosting. It take some time to fully warm the car especially to defrost. We straight to Milford Sound in early morning. Road Adventure begin. Driving while road still dark made the forest look enchanted magical. Road a bit slippery in certain area.Need to very careful, But it worth with stunning mountain view. And snow  cap are almost everywhere on the mountain.This time we can see so close. We reach 1 hour early from schedule cruise trip.Now, time to breakfast in the car, because outside are too cold(for us). Our Cruise tour is with Lucy Cruise. Driver get half price since rental car also with them. Our trip is first in of the day. We pick this time because to avoid traffic on road and tunnel(its one way, so need to take turn), cheaper price and need to heading back to Queenstown after that.

Cruise ship ready to serve you

Hot tea and coffee are free in the ship. Unlimited cup.But only drink, you can purchase snack on board.  Everyone is queuing because too cold perhaps. Not sure the temperature that time, because no coverage here to check weather.Cruise captain are nice, friendly enough and well described about each point we pass and stop.

Magnificent view from deck

Sea and mountain view from the deck is great,but I  cannot stay longer on the deck because the wind too cold and my nose start to running flu. With mountain covered by snow. Amazing view from ship especially at the border Tasman sea is priceless. Far-reaching sea. Far far away.

I love this view. Thinking about being a viking


Everyone dont want miss a chance to capture moment with Bowen Waterfall


After tour is completed,  we straight back to Queenstown to next accommodation and to catching flight for next day. The trip is almost over…


next… Heading back to queenstown and enjoy last moment

Freezing Trip From Queenstown to Te Anau and Milford Sound
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