KL Bird Park which located in the middle of city,  near Bukit Aman and Taman Rama-rama is one of world largest free flight walk in aviary. Its suitable for family to hangout and educate child about animal, bird, flora fauna and their habitat. Even its located near the city, but once you walk in inside the park, you will feel you are in outside and far away from city.

For entrance fee, you may want to refer here for updated entrance fee for citizen and tourist.

This park is quite big and you may want to wear suitable clothes and shoes. Surprising you the moment you enter the park, a lot and variety birds are everywhere; greeting you. Fantastic and beautiful.

There are shop selling drink water and ice-cream, so dont bother when you are thirsty, but , please bring your own water because you will walk a lot and the weather maybe will be hot. And there are only one stall selling drink inside the park. And its maybe far away already from you by time you need it.


Main Entrance KL Bird Park


KL Bird Park Bird Parrot House

They are variety colorful parrot in Parrot Kiosk. You even can give parrot drink in the cup with a little pay, and they are so benign

Variety of Bird at KL Bird Park. Spot the Red Flamingo?


Fish, Owl, Ostrich etc at KL Bird Park


Surrounding and kids playground at KL Bird Park


Lots of Peacock in KL Bird Park


I advise you keep the map they provided during buying ticket, because you may want to refer it later. Because they only have one entrance and exit, and they are not like usually people think, they will walk until they came to starting point. But, not in this park

KL Bird Park and the Beautiful Park In The City
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