If you living in MPSJ area and planning to have house renovation in legal way, here some tip might guide and help you

  1. Get the architect/drawer. Easier if from MPSJ architect list. Some architect will charge same rate even your drawing only extend backyard or just ground floor.So better you draw the whole house for future planning, As per I understand, let say first phase you want just renovate kitchen, so later in 2 years, you want to renovate front house, just get back to your architect, they will help you to submit Borang B(if not mistaken in order to you to continue working)
  2. Architect will advise step, drawing will include engineering, CCC or not based on your renovation planning
  3. Some architect will help to submit to authority until you get the approval. So you just prepare document needed. And money (for drawing, engineering, CCC, MPSJ)
  4. Some typical document needed:
    1. IC copy
    2. paid receipt cukai tanah(latest)
    3. SNP
    4. original SNP (include elevation section and site plan) if you buying subsale
    5. original CF.(if don’t have just call MPSJ they will check if your house have CF before or not, and pay Rm100 to get copy(if you have).
    6. More document will be advice by your architect
  5. Wait until they complete their job, based on architect, some take week some take 1-2 month until got approve. So you might need to follow up frequently.
  6. Good thing now MPSJ no need to get neighbor signature anymore for approval (as per 2017 and this post written).
  7. Once you get the approval and permit, you can start your work without worry authority come and summon you


MPSJ House Renovation Procedure To Get Approval And Permit
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