Self service portal is one of necessary things to make our life easier, or harder. Depends on the portal. That’s also for TNB. They have self portal online called myTNB Self Service Portal.

Normally people use online to pay their bill or via agent. But this portal not just for easier for you paying bill, but also to monitor, keep track energy usage and so on,which is useful if you have multiple account and need to monitor it. Example, you want monitor your tenant paying their electricity bill on time or not, or not paying. All you can do with this portal.

If you first time, you need to register here by key in necessary info and detail .

Once you account is created and verified (check your mailbox), you can login and start manage account

Portal dashboard

You can monitor and track account usage, payment history and bill due with this portal. Even payment record can be view.

Electricity and energy usage tracking

The benefit of this portal, not just to manage and monitor account, but if you want to change your rent house to your tenant name, apply electricity for new unit/house or even closing account,you also can do it with this portal.

Multiple application management dashboard


If you wish and interested with green/solar/renewable energy, you also can apply via this portal. But for now, its under maintenance and it will open back later once ready . With this, you can view application status online, anywhere and anytime.

Pay and Manage TNB Account With Online Portal
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