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Heading back to Lake Pukaki from accommodation, since its dark when we reached yesterday so we decided to came back today. Lake Pukaki Still in Mackenzie District, around 15minutes from our accommodation. We spent around 30 minutes enjoying scenery and fresh air of the lake. Mt Cook not so clearly due to foggy and cloudy, and light rain. Temperature still low, around 2-3 degree.


Lake Pukaki in foggy morning


after sun rise, the fog slowly clear

Early morning journey make we have a lot of time to spend and can drop by at more places.

First pit stop is the famous High Country Salmon. Weehuuu free feeding salmon time, anytime.

High Country Salmon Welcome you


Salmon Feeding time


Salmon fish cage


Part of Salmon pond

We buy a slice of salmon to cook later as the price are cheap. And still got discount because the fish was prepare previous day. Look like bonus for us.

Passing by Omarama is a bless. This district are so green and lot flat farm. Driving here are easy and steady.

Omarama road farm


Omarama long road

Another stop you cannot miss is Lindis pass viewpoint . You can enjoying mountain scenery from the lookout. The road and mountain look great together and this is my first  time having beautiful and magical scene like this

Lookout point signboard welcome you
beautiful road and mountain


Long and winding road

By the time we reached Cromwell, another stop is Jones Family Fruit Stall. Lots of fresh fruit with good price here. Apple bargain is crazy. We  try real fruit ice cream here, even in winter, it still tasty.

apple of the day


Jones Fruit Family shop

Roaring meg station is another one you should stop. You will be amaze with clear water and green lake.

Beautiful Green water of Roaring Meg

Kawarau Bungy Centre. Its still connected with Roaring Meg thats why the water is green.

Kawarau Bungy Centre near Queenstown

We reached Queenstown in the evening because we stop at variety places. We booked and stay at Amber Lodge. Just walking distance into tourist center attraction. Compare to other  town before, Queenstown is so nightly.

Amber Lodge Review:

  • Clean and neat
  • Heater at hall
  • Electric bed warmer except 1 single bed missing
  • Self service Laundry and dryer
  • Kitchen and completed cooking utensil
  • Dining table
  • 3 bed at hall and 1 room with queen bed
  • Free parking
Our Amber Lodge room
View from Amber Lodge
Amber Lodge Kitchen

Driving from Twizel to Queenstown is enjoyful  and full with  panorama and farm, animal, mountain, lake and small town. Its amazed me every second,every passing


At Queenstown, its so easy to find store or market or even restaurant. KFC which located in front of O’connel mall are halal to eat. Beside that, mostly shop at Queenstown open longer hour at night. So its normal to see people everywhere. Walking, seeing,buying and enjoying their night(in freezing perhaps)

Next post…From Queenstown to Te Anau and Miford Sound


Road Trip in Winter From Twizel to Queenstown
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