As unifi customer, you have free access to iflix free for 1 year. But before you can watch it, you need to do few easy setting

    1. Setting stb box connect to wifi
      • Make sure your box connect to wifi. To check, go to setting > wireless > tick enable wlan
    2. How to access Iflix
      • Go to my application > Iflix,  or
      • Press i button if you already access hypptv/ unifi tv. Keep press OK and follow guide. Your Iflix app will do necessary setup. Wait until setup finish
    3. How to check Iflix account status
      • you can check Iflix account status in Iflix app. Go to account status. Your account expiration is there.

Happy enjoy free Iflix at least for a year. And you can enjoy Malaysia Super League live match too

How To Watch Iflix on Unifi Hypptv STB Box.
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